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Reindeer caravan

In “Reindeer caravan” we get to follow a child with insight in the state of things: the aunt wants to operate her eyes round, children are taken away from their families for six whole years, the...

Ksenia Bolshakova June 04 2024


Ilmārs Šlāpins is a philosopher, publicist, editor, world music DJ and writer. He has published ten books, including translations, non-fiction and poetry. Temple is an excerpt from an upcoming novel.

Text: Ilmārs Šlāpins October 19 2023

Mother’s Dress

Lorîn S. Dogan was born in 1975 in Nusaybin, in the province of Mardin. She is an educated biologist. She has published three collections of short stories so far. She lives in Diyarbakir.

By Lorîn S. Dogan May 11 2023

Letters to Oraib

These letters are an attempt to describe everyday life in the Gaza Strip, and it is also an attempt to recover from despair. The letters were written between 2021-2022. From his isolation, the poet...

Letters by Mahmud Al-Shaer May 10 2023

Honesty is the best policy!

The author of this short story remains anonymous. She sent the text a few weeks after that the protests had started in September. Whether she is free or behind bars remains unknown to us. The short...

Author: anonymous December 11 2022

Our Codename is Jina

On September 13, Mahsa Zhina Amini was arrested by Iran's morality police for wearing her veil the wrong way. On September 16, she died under suspicious circumstances. This was the start of the...

Text: anonymous November 13 2022

Love in the Time of War

What happens to love when the man is at the front or alone and abandoned in his home separated from the woman he loves and the bombs are within reach? When the wife who has been forced to flee...

By Irena Karpa August 26 2022

41 Days

Oleg Mikhailov is a Russian-Ukrainian playwright. He was born in Yekaterinburg (Russia) in 1975 and has lived in Kharkiv since 2009, where he has been living during the entirety of the war, despite...

By: Oleg Mihajlov May 13 2022

'Dogs Are Not to Blame.'

In modern Afghanistan years of instability and internal displacement have created a challenging environment for writers of all kinds. The majority of Afghanistan’s writers that have been given...

Author: Masouma Kawsari  May 05 2022

Scabs on the soul

PenOpp publishes a chapter from the Turkish author Barbaros Altuğ's novel Spiritual Wounds, which was published in Turkish last year. The novel's main character Derin, a Turkish journalist who grew up...

Text: Barbaros Altuğ January 21 2022

Extract from the novel "In the shadow of the monk"

The author Helena Thorfinn's latest novel "In the shadow of the monk" takes place in Myanmar during the short time that the country opened up to the outside world. In this short extract, we are in...

Text: Helena Thorfinn October 22 2021

Beirut in my heart

Alexandre Najjar who was born in Beirut in 1967 is a writer, literary critic and lawyer who shares his time between Beirut and Paris. He has written some thirty books, including historical novels. He...

Text: Alexandre Najjar June 18 2021

An unanswered telephone call

To leave one’s home country for a safer life can entail a long-lasting inner conflict. In this story the Uyghur author Aziz Isa Elkun depicts the everyday consequences of a life in exile: phone calls...

Text: Aziz Isa Elkun April 15 2020

Bittersweet dreams

In the beginnings of the 1990s the dramatist and actor Petrona de la Cruz Cruz founded FOMMA (Fortaleza de la Mujer Maya), an organisation for Maya women who make use of theatre as an educational and...

Text: Petrona de la Cruz Cruz December 12 2019