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Author Saeed Tabatabaee was one year old when the Islamic Revolution took place. He belongs to the generation of young people who has grown up in the regime's big brother society—always guarded...

Text: Saeed Tabatabaee June 10 2013

Tehran girls just want to have fun

Over 30 years have passed since Iran's Islamic revolution. An entire generation of young women has grown up without knowing any other society than the one created by the conservative mullahs—a society...

Text: Mojgan Ayyari June 10 2013

“Iran's economy is on the road to collapse”

Inflation, rising unemployment and an irresponsible economic policy seems to be the Ahmadinejad administration's political legacy. The next president will face severe challenges, writes financial...

Text: Sara Damavandan June 10 2013

The songs will disappear one by one

Alireza Behnam, born in 1973 in Tehran, is one of the most influential young poets in Iran right now. Since 1991, he has published four collections of poems and translated a number of books into...

Text: Alireza Behnam June 10 2013

Creativity's battles with censorship

What happens to a country where many writers have shelved writing or have given up trying to get published? The author and publisher, Arash Hejazi, writes about self-censorship, which has taken root...

Text: Arash Hejazi June 10 2013

Iran strangles Internet

When the internet was introduced in Iran in the early 1990s, the young generation was given an opportunity to circumvent the regime's information monopoly and put themselves in contact with the...

Text: Anonymous Illustration: Johan Rutherhagen June 10 2013

Five poems from prison

On September 7 2011, the police arrested the poet Alireza Roshan, who was accused of being part of a nonconformist minority group named “Gonabadi”. He was convicted on the basis of Article 610 of the...

Text: Alireza Roshan June 10 2013

How censorship makes itself absurd?

The Iranian regime is full of paradoxes when it comes to censorship. Hossein Shahrabi, Iranian publisher and translator, emphasize the lack of a consistent censorship law which means that the regime...

Text: Hossein Shahrabi June 10 2013

“Buying alcoholic beverages takes 17 minutes”

The Islamic Republic does not allow alcohol. In the wake of other social problems, alcohol abuse has increased, even in Iran. Under an ideologically shiny surface, one can find the same social...

Text: Alireza Akbari June 10 2013

Janus face

President Ahmadinejad states that homosexuality does not exist in Iran and it is a crime according to the country's laws. What is even more rarely discussed is the perception of transsexuals, and how...

Text: Ramesh Safavi June 10 2013

Modern Persian lyric

Day by day, the censorship in Iran becomes stricter. The young Iranian poet Leili Galehdaran has therefore chosen to send her third collection, Sinior to the Swedish-located publisher Baran. If she...

Text: Leili Galehdaran September 27 2012

The ICORN-relay: Sedigheh Vasmaghi

In April the Swedish city of Uppsala received a new ICORN writer: the Iranian lawyer and poet Sedigheh Vasmaghi. After the election in 2009, she took part of the protest movement. She published poems...

Text: Sedigheh Vasmaghi September 27 2012


Reza Najafi is an Iranian writer, literary critic and editor, who lives in exile in Germany. He has so far published more than 350 short stories and literary essays. In Nirvana, he is presenting a...

Text: Reza Najafi April 17 2012

The ICORN-relay—Sepideh Jodeyri

The ICORN-relay has now left Scandinavia and landed in Italy, where the Iranian poet, translator and journalist Sepideh Jodeyri currently lives. Jodeyri has written three collections of poetry; two...

Text: Sepideh Jodeyri December 14 2011