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When Hatred Becomes the Air We Breathe

What is hate speech? Hate speech differs from any other use of language since it is used only to threaten, silence, and...

Text: Casia Bromberg September 17 2020

A Frozen Soviet Fragment

Belarus is often called Europe’s last dictatorship. However, oppression within the country does not adhere to the more common nationalistic model—quite the opposite.

Text: Dmitri Plax September 17 2016

Europe's last dictatorship

Belarus is described as Europe’s last dictatorship. The country has had the same president for twenty years and is the only one in Europe still employing capital punishment. The regime has also...

Text: Dmitrij Strotsev October 13 2015

Heckling the powerful in Belarus

Freedom of speech is greatly limited in Belarus. Since 2006 the country has been included in the Reporters Without Borders’ list of ”Internet enemies.” The Belarusian author and blogger Jauhen...

Text: Jauhen Lipkovich May 06 2014

Belarus: A renaissance generation on the run

The well-educated are among the first to leave a repressive dictatorship. In countries like Belarus or Eritrea, the escalating oppression cuts holes in the very fabric of society. How are these to be...

Text: Pavel Marozau October 24 2013

Journalists in prison: A survival manual

In the last few months, the repression in Belarus has tightened even more. Iryna Chalip, correspondent in Belarus for the Russian newspaper Novaja Gazeta, tells us about the recent attacks on freedom...

Text: Iryna Chalip September 27 2012

It is not far between Stockholm and Minsk

The diplomatic crisis between Belarus and Sweden goes much deeper than to the recent “teddy bear incident”. The poet and former president candidate Uladzimir Njakljajeu, who was imprisoned after the...

Text: Uladzimir Njakljajeu, Nils Håkanson September 27 2012

Hear the voices from Belarus

All over the world, the “social networks” continue to play an important role in the struggle for democracy. This is happening right now in Belarus, known as the last dictatorship of Europe, where KGB...

Text: Natallia Radzina July 02 2012