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Role of women in Iranian science fiction and fantasy

Over the last two decades, the publication and sale of science fiction and fantasy literature has increased significantly in Iran. For a long time, these books have more or less only involved a male...
Text: Mina Talebli November 29 2018

Go back to your house

The author, publisher and critic Fereshteh Ahmadi’s states in her essay that “vagueness” is a keyword for the understanding of contemporary stories by Iranian female authors. What is the situation for...
Text: Fereshteh Ahmadi November 29 2018

PEN International Women’s Manifesto

On International Women’s Day, 8 th March 2018, PEN International launched a historical women’s manifesto as a part of PEN’s effort to combat the silencing of female authors. The manifesto was...
Text: PEN International November 29 2018

When we become silent

In later years, violations of citizens’ and political rights have escalated dramatically in Bangladesh. Media is increasingly under pressure and the authorities fail in the protection of minorities,...
Text: Supriti Dhar November 29 2018

What's at stake

Attila Mráz, expert on political liberties, writes about the challenges facing social and critical Hungarian NGOs at the time of the general election campaign.
TEXT: Attila Mráz March 13 2018

The irony of being censored

The artist duo Lőrinc Borsos creates an alternative national image as a counterpoint to the official national representation in Hungary - a risky business.
TEXT: Daniel Gustafsson March 13 2018

Padded Cells

Art journalist Gergely Nagy on the shrinking space for independent art in Hungary: "Nothing has been forbidden, no one has been jailed." But ...
TEXT: Gergely Nagy March 13 2018

Reports from the corners of the pantry

Journalist Attila Mong reports on how government politics dominate the media landscape in Hungary, while independent media has become increasingly marginalized.
TEXT: Attila Mong March 13 2018

Language and rights in Iranian Queer community

Sina Kiani is a documentary filmmaker and photographer from Iran, with human rights and LGBT perspectives as main topics. For PEN/Opp Kiani gives an analysis of the situation for LGBT organisations in...
Text: Sina Kiani January 07 2018

Lesbian Love in the Land of Fear

"Was is worth your while to go through all this when you could silently love women?", Dr. Iman Al-Ghafari, ICORN guest writer, about the conditions for love in surveillance cultures.
Text: Dr. Iman Al-Ghafari December 18 2017

My.Kali: 10 Years of a Public Fight

My.Kali was born from the need for expression, reflection and the demand of LGBT people to be acknowledged as human. This is the story of Khalid Abdel-Hadi, the founder of My.Kali, when he was singled...
Text: Khalid Abdel-Hadi December 18 2017