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About the skulls - a poem by K Zar Win

The poet K Zar Win, whose poems have appeared in Myanmar magazines since 2004, was killed in a protest in Monywa March 3 2021.

K Zar Win was born to a peasant family in Latpadaung near Monywa in 1982. K Zar Win was one of the university students who rallied from Mandalay to Yangon in the 2015 campaign, “Long March for Educational Reforms.” Consequently he spent one year and a month in prison, during which he published “My Reply to Ramond”. PEN/Opp publishes the poem "About the skulls".

Credits Poem: K Zar Win Translation into English: Wut Hmon & Lei Hnin Soe October 01 2021

A revolution is a flower
conditioned on the right air, soil and water

Before the revolution buds popped,
The skull that bursted on the street
Did it leave empty words?

When the battle is against demons,
How important are the declaration of thoughts and opinions?

The power of a sword
Lies not in the act of brandishing
But in the decisive slash

This is a revolution.
Contemplation is not enough
Make your courage glow bright red like your blood

Quit hesitating.
The detonator of the revolution
Is either you or me.

Kayza Win

23 February 2021

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