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Theme: Exploded Hearts of the Arab Spring


Exploded Hearts of the Arab Spring

“A poem is a thought that bores through the heart—exploding it” - Marie Lundquist Ten years have passed since we...

Text: Kholod Saghir, Acting chief-in-editor January 25 2021

Poems by Muhammad Ashraf

Muhammed Ashraf: poet and writer from Egypt, born in 1990 in the town of Mnoufieh. Currently he lives in Berlin as an ICORN writer. Beside his two collections of poetry, Hologram and I Ate Adam and...

Poems: Muhammad Ashraf January 25 2021

Female Poets and the Egyptian Revolution

An avid reader or a person interested in poetry often find that certain lines and images become indelible and keep recurring. A father cawing like a crow or a woman baking bread in the ruins of a war...

Text: Hoda Omran January 25 2021