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Theme: #2 2011



“Prison literature is a dynamic genre of our time”

Text: Ola Larsmo September 23 2011

Behind The Rise of the Great Powers

The present copyright holders to Mr Liu Xiaobo's work, Harvard University Press, has not granted us the right to publish his essay Behind The Rise of the Great Powers. Therefore this text is not...

September 26 2011

Nights and days

On September 23 ten years had passed since the Swedish journalist Dawit Isaak and his colleagues at the Eritrean newspaper Seitit was imprisoned by the Afwerki regime. Today he is being held at the...

Text: Lars Mikael Raattamaa September 23 2011

To Dawit Isaak

Dawit Isaak was imprisoned in Eritrea on September 23, 2001. After 18 years, he’s still being held behind bars in one of the world's most uncompromising dictatorships, without being the subject of any...

Text: Ida Börjel September 23 2011

I will steal into the murderers’ sleep

Samar Yazbek, born 1970, is a Syrian writer and journalist who has criticized the Syrian regime before and during the uprising. This text is part of a series in the form of a diary she wrote during...

Text: Samar Yazbek September 23 2011

Letter from a cell

The Kurdish author, lawyer and human rights activist Muharrem Erbey was jailed in December 2009 and has since then been hidden and placed in the notorious prison of Diyarbakir. He is among other...

Text: Muharrem Erbey September 22 2011

The ICORN-RELAY – Philo ikonya

In the last issue of PEN/Opp we started the “ICORN-relay”, where writers who has received refuge in ICORN cities tell us about their own background and the state of free speech in their home countries...

Text: Philo Ikonya September 22 2011