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The Worst Days of Our Lives

Award-winning filmmaker and screenwriter Anton Yarush on anti-gay propaganda and the alarming situation for LGBT-people in today's Russia.
Text: Anton Yarush December 18 2017

The Hybrid War and the Poetics of Resistance

In Russia it is not merely the war that has a hybrid nature—similar contradictory and elusive characteristics may also describe the state of justice, freedom, and censorship within the country. In his...
Text: Lev Rubinstein September 17 2016

“My city, which is not mine”

The situation for an increasing number of Russian intellectuals became impossible following the murder of opposition politician Boris Nemtsov, who was gunned down in Moscow on February 27, 2015. This...
Text: Anzhelina Polonskaya March 10 2016

Who can I turn to, my friends?

Putin’s brutal reprisals against dissidents has had a devastating effect on opposition journalists and authors in the country – today, the democratic resistance movement is weak and fragmented, and...
Text: Arkady Babchenko October 13 2015

Living on the rim of a volcano

LGBT-persons are increasingly being cast as “enemies of society” in contemporary Russia. But as the activist Svetlana Zakharova writes, the new law prohibiting “propaganda of homosexuality” has also...
Text: Svetlana Zakharova December 16 2014

In search of an “outsider”

The Russian law criminalizing “Propaganda of homosexuality” isn’t just targeting minorities. The law, and homophobia in general, tends to make real problems invisible, as well as covering the real...
Text: Natalya Afanasyeva December 16 2014

The fifth column, dissidents and a shrinking internet

The Russian president Vladimir Putin recently stated that internet was actually created by the CIA and that Russia needed to build its own internet. It is obvious that the battle for freedom of speech...
Text: Oksana Chelysheva May 06 2014

Gulag is alive and well in Mordovia

Everyone knows who the members of Pussy Riot are, and Nadezhda Tolokonnikova’s letter from the prison camp IK-14 was published worldwide. However, the Stalinist legacy in Russian prisons is still a...
Text: Pyotr Verzilov December 19 2013

PEN/Opp explores russia

The headlines in the Swedish newspapers are at the time of writing dominated by the news that Swedish Neo-Nazis have...
Text: Ola Larsmo December 19 2013

Freedom of speech—the Russian way

Government censorship is one of the oldest and most effective tool to control people's opinions and thoughts. Easiest...
Graphic: IKI IKE December 19 2013

The king of Chechnya

Russian journalist Alex Tor specializes in Chechnya and Ingushetia in the North Caucasus, which have a history of war and violence. He has, among other things, written about corruption, refugees, and...
Text: Alex Tor December 19 2013

Putin's fight for “traditional values”

“Traditional values” may sound like something harmless and old fashioned, until one realises that they are the opposite of the rights that are the foundation of modern democracy. Maria Chichtchenkova,...
Text: Maria Chichtchenkova December 19 2013