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The Tor project

After a number of years when dictatorships and espionage agencies seemed to take control of the web, we’re now facing a counter movement. Today, we know much more about the reach and effects of...
Text: Deji Olukotun May 06 2014

N’existe Pas

For many years Bruce Sterling has been writing about the battle for freedom on the internet, a subject he first wrote about in the highly acclaimed book The Hacker Crackdown in 1992. In this book,...
Text: Bruce Sterling May 06 2014

USA: Larry Siems about NSA and digital surveillance

What kind of harm really comes from the surveillance exposed by Edward Snowden and other activists? We need to know more, says Larry Siems, writer and director of PEN America's Freedom to Write...
Text: Larry Siems October 23 2013

Secrecy and Torture

The fundamental human rights are not open for negotiation. But what do we do when a democracy starts to legalize torture? Larry Siems, writer and the Director of Freedom to Write and International...
Text: Larry Siems April 17 2012