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In the ice

"Between your experiences of living both in your homeland and your host country, you experience psychological and existential difficulties, so when do you have the peace of mind to conform?"

Text: Afrah Nasser September 11 2018

Yemen at ground zero

“Since the uprising, Yemen has become a place where you cannot live if you want to be free. This is particularly true for women but also for all who have dreams of another life.” The picture that...

Text: Bushra al-Maqtari September 10 2014

Can you tell me more about your expectations for your country?

During the so-called “Arab Spring” in 2011, we followed the uprisings, demonstrations and optimism through the anti-government blogs of Afrah Nasser (Yemen) and Lina Ben Mhenni (Tunisia). Three years...

Text: Afrah Nasser, Lina Ben Mhenni September 10 2014

Who dares to speak in Yemen?

The Yemeni journalist and blogger Afrah Nasser is today one of the Middle East's important voices. She has been named as one of the 10 most important bloggers in the Middle East by CNN. Ever since the...

Text: Afrah Nasser July 07 2011