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A slaughterhouse for the law

”I am not threatening Erdoğan, I am warning him. I tell him not to wish for civil war. I am saying the same thing today. Civil war is terrifying. Is it a crime to say this?”

Text: Ahmet Altan September 22 2017

Action for truth

Nadire Mater, writer and journalist, one of the most important persons in the struggle for freedom of speech and human rights in Turkey, portrayed by Stefan Lindberg.

Text: Stefan Lindberg September 21 2017

Freedom or sunshine

”I removed the foil paper from the box of Akhtamar cigarettes that I had in my pocket and started writing my will on the scuffed paper. I was handcuffed and trembling with fear.”

Text: Pınar Öğrenci September 21 2017


Some of those outside are within the country. In a sense, they are “inside” too. Their houses could be raided any moment, they or their families could be detained, their passports could be confiscated...

Text: Tuba Çandar September 21 2017

When President Erdoğan was officially accused of genocide.

”Erdoğan is suspected of committing serious crimes, he may be responsible for massacres. He is accused of ordering the killing of civilians and people because of their membership in the Kurdish...

Text: Elisabeth Åsbrink September 21 2017

Art on trial

The work of art published above is the reason why the artist and writer, Zehra Doğan, is now in prison for terrorist...

Text: Hanna Nordell September 21 2017

The Words Behind Bars

It was an obvious decision to devote this PEN/Opp to Turkey. Since July 2016 we have seen a steady stream of writers...

Text: Elisabeth Åsbrink September 21 2017

Milkman or the police

I have been a journalist for 37 years. This is the hardest period of my professional career. I was a journalist under...

Text: Can Dündar September 21 2017

The Same Silence as Before

In Turkey on September 9 Ahmed Altan, writer, journalist and former chief editor, was detained along with his brother. In an interview by Alev Yaman made just before Altan’s detention Altan claims...

Text: Alev Yaman September 17 2016

The Truth the Flag Conceals

For his journalistic achievements Can Dündar has recently been awarded the Swedish National Press Club’s Freedom of Speech Award in memory of Anna Politkovskaya. After having been prosecuted for his...

Text: Can Dündar September 17 2016

A prisoner’s freedom, a society’s captivity

Writer and human rights lawyer Muharrem Erbey served almost four years in a Turkish prison without trial. Once released, he saw the world with new eyes – and noted how the limits of freedom of speech...

Text: Muharrem Erbey October 13 2015

The battle over Turkey’s internet

The passing of law 5651 in Turkey has made it possible for the Turkish government to block access to web pages that contain ‘undesirable’ material. This is part of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğans...

Text: Alev Yaman July 08 2015