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Carlos Egaña is one of Venezuela’s most prominent poets. Like many other poets of his generation he mainly publishes his poetry online. Internet has become a second home since traditional media are dominated by the state and because publishers have become more careful as to what they print. Here we publish a recent poem by Egaña.

Credits Text: Carlos Egaña Translation from Spanish: Rahul Bery January 22 2019

Cesare pavese in memoriam

there is an image that brings fear to my footsteps and mocks my attempts to concentrate in class: you, beneath me, cradling my neck in your hands and drawing me in towards your heavy breath. you can’t stand being far from me; but distance is a kind of torture when our eyes meet. my gruff-voiced girl, will there ever come a day when circumstances unbind me from your smile?

the teacher quotes: “there are no paradises other than lost paradises”. and my sight fades once more. in a city that is too hot, the dark night i yearn for echoes in my dorsal spine. asking you is embarrassing, so i ask borges: is there any way back to eden?

the story of my misfortune is the story of poetry. we start from a memory, treasured like a cigarette, cancerous like a cigarette. then on to obsession. to tragedy. to the reckless exhalation of smoke which stains the page with ashy verses.

we’re martyrs, us writers: the nakedness we won’t ourselves feel will be our readers’ solace.

we’re martyrs. but oh how i would love to abandon my pen, swallow all the ink, and be left with just the music of your hips.

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