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Theme: Europe


Backing into the future – on the new Spanish ”gag law”

In the wake of the sharp protests against various “austerity politics”, the Spanish government has in recent years carved away at civil rights and freedoms, writes teacher in International Law at the...

Text: Margalida Capellà i Roig October 13 2015

A prisoner’s freedom, a society’s captivity

Writer and human rights lawyer Muharrem Erbey served almost four years in a Turkish prison without trial. Once released, he saw the world with new eyes – and noted how the limits of freedom of speech...

Text: Muharrem Erbey October 13 2015

Who can I turn to, my friends?

Putin’s brutal reprisals against dissidents has had a devastating effect on opposition journalists and authors in the country – today, the democratic resistance movement is weak and fragmented, and...

Text: Arkady Babchenko October 13 2015

Europe's last dictatorship

Belarus is described as Europe’s last dictatorship. The country has had the same president for twenty years and is the only one in Europe still employing capital punishment. The regime has also...

Text: Dmitrij Strotsev October 13 2015

A cauliflower for Ida

Press and speech freedoms in Ukraine have seriously deteriorated as the conflicts besetting the country have intensified. Many newspapers have been forced to close after pressure from Russian...

Text: Lyuba Yakimchuk October 13 2015